The Olson Technology FTTX/PON fiber optic transmitters, receivers, and EDFAs reliably deliver a full slate of multiplexed video, high speed data, and telephony services in an HFC broadband environment. The product family is ideally suited for direct fiber transmission of CATV RF signals in FTTC, FTTH, MDU, industrial, corporate, government, and educational applications. The product family includes:

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When combined with EDFA optical amplifiers, such as the LaserLite OTEB series or LaserPlus Model LP-OA-x, the Model OTOT-EM55XL allows system operators to cost-effectively transport a full slate of wideband video and data services over very long distances, or alternatively allows them to distribute signals to many remote optical receiver/node locations, by utilizing the lower fiber attenuation characteristic of the 1550nm optical window. The Model OTOT-EM55XL operates with optical receiver/node products, including MetroNode Model OTMN-x and PremiseNode Model OTPN-x product families, but is also designed to operate seamlessly with optical transmitters, receivers and nodes from most leading manufacturers.

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OTEB-CL-B Series 1RU and 2RU High Power EDFA

OTEB-CL-B Series EDFA 1RU & 2RU Front and Rear Views

The OTEB-CL-B Series 1RU and 2RU high power 1550nm EDFA is a rack mount EDFA package producing 4 to 64 optical outputs at +18dBm to +22dBm each. The 1RU package can be used for up to eight (8) outputs and a total power of 1,000mW (+30dBm). The 2RU package can provide up to 64 outputs and a total power of 5,000mW (+375dBm). It is engineered to meet the requirements of a high-density solution for the very large scale distribution of broadband CATV video (and/or wideband multi-channel L-Band video) and data signals to traditional HFC nodes or CATV/L-Band video overlay receivers in a FTTH/ FTTP  or PON system. The LaserLite Model OTEB-CL-B-Series erbium doped fiber amplifier is the perfect companion to Olson’s LaserPlus, LaserLite and SatellitePlus families of 1550nm EM and DM transmitters and the MetroNode, PremiseNode and SatellitePlus families of receiver/nodes. It is also designed to operate seamlessly with optical transmitters, receivers and nodes from most leading manufacturers.

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