LaserPlus HFC Transport Platform
The LaserPlus product line from Olson is the highest density HFC optical platform available today. Its many components include: (a) 3RU chassis; (b) single or dual power supplies (AC/DC); (c) 1310nm DFB forward path optical transmitters; (d) 1550nm DFB forward QAM transmitters; (e) 1550nm CWDM/DWDM return transmitters; (f) 1550nm EDFAs; (g) 1310/1550nm triple return path optical receiver; (h) 1310/1550nm forward receiver; (i) 1550nm DM transmitter; and (j) advanced L-Band transmitter and receiver . It is specifically designed for use in CATV/PON transmission systems where headend rack space is limited and dramatically reduced power consumption is desired. The LaserPlus 3RU platform provides space for 15 RF/optical modules and one power supply or 14 RF/optical modules and two power supplies. All modules are plug-in, interchangeable, and easily replaced or reconfigured.

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LaserPlus High Density HFC Transport Platform LaserPlus Advanced L-Band Tx & Rx Model OTOT-870 Fiber Optic Transmitter

Model LP-CH-16B 3RU Chassis with Tx/Rx Modules Front and Rear Views

Chassis and Power Supply Model Numbers

Laser Tx Module Model Numbers

Other System Components

Rx Module Model Numbers


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