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Precision Optic Node Miniature Standby Power Supplies

Model OTPN-3000 Precision Optic Node OPTN-3000 Precision Optic Node

Model OTPN-3000 Precision Optic Node

The Model OTPN-3000 Precision Optic Node includes a high-performance 1550nm CATV receiver, a precision 3-wavelength (1310nm, 1490nm & 1550nm) optical power meter and battery power good for four hours of operation. The OTPN-3000 CATV receiver is fully compatible with all 1550nm forward path transmitters. The OTPN-3000 provides an output of +38 dBmV of RF over the entire optical input range, allowing multiple RF splits without the use of an external RF amplifier. The Precision Optic Node is unique because it operates over a ultra-wide optical input range of -8dBm to +4.5dBm without degrading performance.

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NeverOff Series Miniature Stand-by Power Supplies NeverOff Stand-by Power Supplies

NeverOff DC Standby Power Supplies

Olson Technology introduces the new Standby Power Sources. While AC uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) have become ubiquitous in maintaining power to critical computer, network and communications applications, to date there has not been an equivalent DC UPS that can provide similar power backup functions for critical CATV and communications elements that are typically powered by low voltage DC power. The series can be utilized in a multitude of applications and provide long term battery standby power of up to eight hours or more Units are available from 5 Volts out to up to 18 Volts output. There are a number of available output power options with loads of up 12 Watts or more.

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Model OTOA-1000 1310nm Optical Attenuator Model OTOA-1000 Optical Attenuator from Olson Technology

Model OTOA-1000 Optical Attenuator

The Model OTOA-1000 provides approximately 1dB though 7dB of step-variable attenuation (i.e., @ 1dB steps) for 1310nm signals via standard SMF-28 simplex 9/125m 3mm yellow non-plenum riser jacketed single-mode fiber cable. Results may vary with other wavelengths and types of fiber cable. The OTOA-1000 is the perfect companion to the Olson Technology, Inc. PremiseNode Models OTPN-x and MetroNode Models OTMN-x optical node/receiver product families, but is also designed to operate with optical node/receivers from most leading manufacturers.

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